“Spam will be a thing of the past in two years time” – Bill Gates, 2004. Sorry Bill, but we think the junk is here to stay.

In fact, junk emails make up 45% of all emails sent out globally every day. So there is a good chance you’ve got a few sitting in your inbox right now. We can’t remove these from our mailbox entirely, however, we can attempt to reduce them.


Never respond to spam

Spammers receive 1 reply for every 12.5 million emails, doesn’t sound like much right? Consider that over 14 billion unwanted messages sent on a daily basis. They don’t need a lot of clicks to earn their money. With only one response in 12.5 million spammers can earn $3.5million in a year.

If you think you have received spam or junk mail from a friend or colleagues contact them immediately.

Don’t fuel them. Try not click them open, report then delete.


Hide your email address

Try and keep your address close to you and try disposable email addresses. For example, extensions such as Blur which allows you to stay anonymous and then receive emails privately or block junk emails easily.


Don’t use the unsubscribe links in spam emails

All this does is confirm that the email is actually used and becomes a valid address for a spammer to attack.


Don’t use your personal email on your website

Try using an address specifically set up for the website or you could even use a web contact form instead.

Make a new email address to avoid junk

We shouldn’t give in to them but if you have a fallen a victim to spam emails you may wish to consider starting again.



“I get more spam than anyone I know” – Bill Gates. Some may call that karma.

Looking for any more information on spam emails then contact us today.

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