Wimbledon’s winning brand identity

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A tennis club in the South East of England with less than 500 members holds an annual tennis competition which generates in excess of £35million. This is achieved in no small part because of the exceptionally well formulated and managed brand identity. Boasting a unique appearance and character, the Wimbledon brand achieves stand-out and clarity in the world of sport.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club allow the Wimbledon brand to stand alone free from the usual visual bombardment which we have become used to in most modern sporting events, the UEFA Champions League perhaps a notable exception. Looking at other Grand Slam tennis tournaments, in Paris, New York and Melbourne we see the cluttered commercial branding and advertising that often distracts from the sporting spectacle. Little wonder then, that Wimbledon is widely regarded by the players as the pre-eminent tournament and the one they would all want to win. The tennis itself remains the focus and attracts viewing figures of over 50% of the UK population on the BBC.

Wimbledon is instantly recognisable, partly down to the inherent features of grass-court tennis and a strong visual identity led by the round logo and colour palette of white, purple and green. This is supported in a very practical way by the Club’s rule of white-only attire for players. Typography and imagery are also clearly defined and applied. The brand standards are expertly managed, aided by comprehensive guideline documents to ensure the brand identity is implemented correctly and consistently. Their values and personality inform all expressions of the brand earning its global recognition.

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