News from Jemma

Changing how we do Customer Service at CO2 Design

Hi everyone, I’m Jemma – the new customer service point of contact at CO2 Design. I have been in contact and even met with some of you already but I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to allow you to put a face to the name and the email.

Throughout my experience I have learned if you are not serving the customer you are serving someone who is. I think it is safe to say we rely on custom but how you decide to “serve” the customer changes the whole experience – my aim is to make it an enjoyable one at CO2 Design.

I hope to be able to build relationships with some of you during my time here so please feel free to contact myself with any questions, ideas or plans you have for 2018 at any time.

News from David

Back to Basics due to GDPR

The 25th of May 2018 is fast approaching (less than 10 weeks) and it is an extremely important day for us all! We at CO2 Design are working to ensure we comply with all aspects of the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) before it comes in to force. The ICO has put together an informative guide that highlights how our rights as individuals have changed.

Get your business in order and ask yourself some questions. How do you process data sent to you? What do you do with this data? Is processing the data justified? Do you actually need the data you are asking for? Are you telling users why and what you will be using their data for? If you were not confident in answering any of these questions, now would be a good time to start a data audit. Again the ICO provide an excellent way to complete this – ask yourself the questions on the checklist to get yourself GDPR ready.

So what will CO2 Design be doing? We would love to continue to share our updates of CO2 Design with our clients however, we will always have the unsubscribe option available. You can always request what data we have stored about you and if needed, it can be removed. Our new website will also have new features to comply with GDPR. We will continue to get ourselves GDPR compliant in the upcoming weeks… are you?

If you have any requests or queries regarding this please feel free to contact myself